Aware of the benefits of beehive products on health and of the key role bees have in ecosystem biodiversity, Arkopharma is involved in an eco-friendly enterprise and works towards theprotection of bees by supporting: “A home for the bees”.

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  • Arkoroyal invests in research looking for always more innovative, effective and natural active ingredients. Arkoroyal presents 2 new products:
    > Royal Jelly + Manuka honey
    > Propolis papain & vitamin C lozenges

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    Is a shrub which produces an edible fruit called " Antilles small cherry ".

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    Arko Royal® is a range of products from the Hive: royal jelly, propolis and honey, are combined with quality ingredients such as probiotics, vitamins or plants with well-known properties.

    It is a complete range, ideal for everybody: children, adults, elderly people , sportspeople… whether during autumn, winter, change of season or periods of recovery.

    Arkopharma guarantees strict quality controls for all Arkoroyal products.

    This makes Arko Royal® the most popular range of hive products in pharmacies, with over one million units sold*.

    * Source IMS– Mobile annual peak in late Sept 2012 and subsidiaries and export internal sales.